Oil Changes, Brake Pads, New Tires — Oh My!

Here's How You'll Know That You're Shopping At A Quality Car Dealership

Are you ready to go shopping for a new vehicle? Here are a few ways you can tell that you've found the right car dealership to shop at:

You Aren't Being Pressured

Car dealerships understand that pressure doesn't work when it comes to selling their inventory. Pressuring customers who walk through their doors just makes those customers feel uncomfortable and put off. Feeling like you're expected to buy a vehicle before leaving can make you want to run for the hills instead of going on test drives.

So when you walk through those car dealership doors, you shouldn't feel any pressure whatsoever. You should be able to freely browse through the dealership lot without a salesperson hanging around trying to rope you into a sale. And when you do have questions about a prospective car, the sales associate you're working with should be respectful and poignant when addressing those questions without making you feel like you owe them a sale in exchange.

You Aren't Being Rushed

If you aren't feeling rushed when shopping for a new vehicle, you've probably chosen a great car dealership to shop at. You need to have full control over your buying experience to ensure that you ultimately make the right buying decision. And you can't control the experience if you're feeling rushed through the process.

If the salesperson you're dealing with doesn't seem interested in showing more than just a few cars on the lot or doesn't seem to want to spend time explaining all of the features and amenities that come with a vehicle purchase, you may want to head to another dealership that's a little more relaxed, less rushed, and more interested in helping you than making a quick sale.

You Have Some Negotiation Power

A quality car dealership that cares as much about helping their customers as they do making money will give you some negotiation power when it's time to talk about making an actual purchase. Once you find a vehicle you're interested in buying, the purchase price shouldn't be cut and dry. Your sales associate should be willing to negotiate a deal based on the difference between the offer amount you make and the original sales price.

You Feel Comfortable Going Back

If you don't find a vehicle you want to purchase the first time you shop at a car dealership but you feel comfortable making an appointment to come back and shop again soon, it's a sign that you have found the right dealership to work with that will meet your needs and expectations throughout the entire car buying process.

You wouldn't even think about going back if you weren't treated well, so don't give up on the dealership just because they didn't have a car available that you like. Chances are that they'll have something that's more your taste the next time you visit.